Home to Vermont’s Finest Craft Spirits

Enjoy our handcrafted small batch spirits inspired from the blissful Killington region.

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Creative or Classic?

Our menu boasts of unique craft cocktails flavored with the freshest locally sourced natural herbs and fruits.

Prefer a classic? Our small batch handcrafted spirits will take your favorite to the next level.

Creative or Classic?

Our menu boasts of unique craft cocktails flavored with the freshest locally sourced natural herbs and fruits.

Prefer a classic? Our small batch handcrafted spirits will take your favorite to the next level.



Maple Old Fashioned –18
For those who are tough yet sweet:
Maple Cask Bourbon, angostura bitters, orange peel, Luxardo cherry
Sunflower –16
Brighten your day with a coupe full of sunshine:
Summer Gin, sour mix, St. Germain, Triple Sec, splash of cranberry juice
Lavender Breeze –16
From the garden to your glass, a flavorful summer delight:
Vodka, St. Germain, lavender simple syrup, lemon juice, butterfly pea flower tea
Distillery Smash –16
Smash down the trails and straight to the tropics with our take on a Killington classic:
White Rum, Coco Lopez, orange juice, pineapple juice, Grenadine

Signature Flights

Signature Spirit Flight –30
Choose any four of our craft spirits
Old Fashioned Flight –38
Three old fashioneds with each of our whiskeys (Bourbon, Maple Bourbon, and 4241 Blended Whiskey)
Gin & Tonic Flight –36
Three Gin & Tonics with each of our gins (Summer, Woodland & London Dry)
Margarita Flight –38
Three margaritas made with VTQuila (Blanco, Reposado, & Strawberry)
Draft Seltzer Flight –15
Three seltzers from our rotating draft selection


Strawberry lemonade –14
Vodka, house-made strawberry puree, lemonade
Distillery Margarita –16
VTQuila Blanco, Triple Sec, house-made sour mix, salt rim, add VTQuila Reposado (+2), add Cointreau (+4), add strawberry puree (+2)
Honeysuckle –16
White Rum, lime juice, honey simple syrup
Blackberry Bourbon Sour –16
Bourbon, Blackberry Brandy, house-made sour mix, egg whites
VTQuila Summer Sour –18
VTQuila Blanco, Aperol, lemon juice, egg whites, house-made strawberry puree
Gin & Tonic –14
Choice of Woodland Gin, London Dry Gin, or Summer Gin, with Boylan Tonic
Gold Rush –18
Bourbon, lemon juice, honey simple syrup
Timberpoint Cooler –16
London Dry Gin, Aperol, simple syrup, lime juice, soda water, cucumber slice
Agave Punch –20
VTQuila Blanco, lime juice, passion fruit syrup, orange curacao, red bull yellow, served with a sidecar of Red Bull Yellow Edition
Spruce Spritz –16
Woodland Gin, Dry Vermouth, Prosecco, soda water, lime wedge, Rosemary


Cranberry Cherry Vodka Spiked Seltzer –8
House-made spiked seltzer with our Vodka - 5.0%
Rotating Seltzer –8
House-made spiked seltzer - 5.0% Ask your server about todays selection
Draft G&T –12
Killington Distillery Gin & house-made tonic - 10%


Strawberry Refresher –10
House-made strawberry puree, lime juice, soda water, mint
Virgin Margarita –10
House-made sour mix, orange juice, simple syrup, salt rim
Goombay No Smash –10
Coco Lopez, orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine
Passion Fruit Spritzer –10
Passion fruit syrup, lime juice, soda water


Fiddlehead –12
Heady Topper –13
The Alchemist - 8.0%
Focal Banger –13
The Alchemist - 7.0%
Sip of Sunshine –13
Lawsons - 8.0%
Lil Sip of Sunshine –12
Lawsons - 6.2%
Mountain IPA –11
The Shed Brewery - 6.6%
Vermont IPA –10
Long Trail Ale - 6.0%
Green State Lager –11
Zero Gravity - 4.9%
Bohemian-Style Pilsner –8
Von Trapp - 5.4%
Helles Golden Lager –8
Von Trapp - 4.9%
Switchback Ale –11
Long Trail Ale –10
Long Trail Brewing Co - 5.0%
UFO White –8
UFO Beer Co - 5.1%
Blueberry Blonde –12
Rutland Beer Works - 5.0%
Rutland Red –8
Rutland Beer Works - 5.0%
Corona Extra7
Michelob Ultra –6
Maple Breakfast Stout –12
14th Star Brewing - 6.5%
Woodchuck Amber Cider –9
Athletic Brewing Co. N/A –8
Run Wild IPA, Cerveza Athletica, Upside Dawn Golden Ale


Famille Perrin Réserve Côtes du Rhône Rosé –9/29
Franciscan Chardonnay –12/39
14 Hands Pinot Grigio –11/36
Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon –13/42
Francis Coppola Pinot Noir –13/42
Mionetto il Prosecco –12/49
Mohua Sauvignon Blanc11/36
Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc10/33

From Farm to Table

Pair your cocktail with our delectable food offerings made from sustainably sourced ingredients right from local farms around Killington. Sit back, sip on your cocktail and dig into a delicious meal in the lap of nature.

With the weather heating up, what could be a more perfect way to cool down than a cocktail. Our Summer Gin is your perfect match.

📸 @pete.curialle

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Let’s highlight a few of our favorite signature and summer cocktails!


#summer #summercocktails #summervibes #killingtonvt #craftdistillery #killingtondistillery

Who is excited for summer? Our Blackberry Bourbon Sour is like a taste of summer in each glass, the perfect balance of citrus and sweet.

📸 @pete.curialle.

#whiskey #craftdistilery #madeinvermont #killington #killingtonvt #vermontmade

Happy National Gin Day! The perfect time to come in and try our new refreshing Spruce Spritz featuring our Woodland Gin!

📸 @pete.curialle

Our Woodland Gin can now be purchased on our website, On-site Bottle Shop, @802spirits, and a selection of stores in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

#gin #craftgin #vermontmade #killington #killingtondistillery

Another day another cocktail. This week’s cocktail is the Sunflower! The perfect refreshing drink to sip on as the summer weather approaches.


#gin #craftgin #vermontmade #killington #killingtondistillery #craftdistillery

Our Margarita Flights are back! Made with our VTQuila Blanco, Reposado, and Strawberry—get a taste of all three!


#tequila #margarita #madeinvermont #vermontmade #craftdistillery #killington #killingtonvt

Keeping it classic! The cocktail of the week: Maple Old Fashioned. Perfect for any season or occasion. A taste of Vermont anywhere you go!

📸 @pete.curialle

#oldfashionedcocktail #maple #whiskey #craftdistillery #vermontmade #killingtonvt

With spring in full swing, what could be a more perfect time than to enjoy a charcuterie board and a cocktail on our patio with friends!


#vermontmade #craftdistillery #killington #cocktails #charcuterieboard #cheeselover

Shake, pour and enjoy! The cocktail of the week: the Distillery Margarita. A crowd favorite and the perfect addition to any party with your family and friends.


#margarita #margaritatime #happyhour #cocktailoftheweek #craftdistillery #stillonthemtn

We may be known for our wings, but it`s time to try our new summer menu! More delicious options to choose from.

📸 @pete.curialle

#vermont #craftdistillery #farmfresh #stillonthemountain

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