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Enjoy our handcrafted small batch spirits inspired from the blissful Killington region.

Creative or Classic?

Our menu boasts of unique craft cocktails flavored with the freshest locally sourced natural herbs and fruits.

Prefer a classic? Our small batch handcrafted spirits will take your favorite to the next level.

Creative or Classic?

Our menu boasts of unique craft cocktails flavored with the freshest locally sourced natural herbs and fruits.

Prefer a classic? Our small batch handcrafted spirits will take your favorite to the next level.



VTQuila Blanco
Our New Agave Spirit Distilled from 100% Organic Blue Agave Syrup
Maple Cask Bourbon
Our Bourbon Blended with Vermont Maple Syrup and Barreled
Summer Gin
Juniper Based with Citrus and Floral Accents
VTQuila Reposado
Our Blanco Aged over 2 Months in Oak
Coconut Vodka
Our Vodka Infused Coconut
Our Blended Bourbon with 21% Rye Very Smooth
Snowshoe White Rum
South Caribbean Style Distilled from Panela (Cane Sugar Cakes)
Made from Corn. Very Clean and Gluten Free


Tasting Flight! Choose Any Four 0.75 Ounce Pours!$18
The Old Fashioned$15
c.1880 Timeless and Rugged.
Bourbon, Simple Syrup, Bitters. Orange Peel Twist and Research Series Cherry.
The Mojito$13
c 1650 Habana, Cuba - The Original Craft Cocktail.
White Rum, Mint Infused Syrup, Lime Juice, Splash Club Soda, Lime and Mint Garnish.
Maple Old Fashioned$16
For Those Who are Tough and Sweet.
Maple Cask Bourbon, Drop of Vermont Maple Syrup, Vena’s Bitters, Orange Peel and Research Series Cherry.
Maple Mule$15
When You Need to Kick Some Butt.
Maple Bourbon, Lime Juice, Halyard Ginger Beer - 5.0% ABV, Bitters. Lime Wedge.
Apricot Bourbon Sour$14
When Mr. Schmucker Crashed into the Bourbon Delivery Truck.
Bourbon, Apricot Brandy, House Sour Mix, Egg White, Orange Slice and Research Series Cherry..
Distillery Margarita$14
After a Long Day on the Range.
VTQuila Blanco, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Agave Syrup, Dash Egg White, Salt Rim and Lime Wedge.
It’s Pink, It’s Strong, It’s Spicy, and it will Kick Your Ass!
Bourbon, Coconut Vodka, Spicy Strawberry Puree, Pineapple Juice, Orange Slice and Research Series Cherry.
The Paloma$14
For Dirty Dancing on La Playa!
VTQuila, Grapefruit Juice, Lime Juice, Dash of Agave, Club Soda, Salt Rim, Lime Wedge.
Spiked Elderflower Lemonade$13
What you sip while yachting.
Vodka, St Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Club Soda, Lemon.
Old Vermont Cocktail$14
Keeping Woodchucks Warm For Years.
Gin, Lemon Juice, Vermont Maple Syrup, Bitters and Orange Peel.
Vermont Mule$13
For Those who are Stubborn but Sweet.
Vodka, Sapling Maple Liqueur, Halyard Ginger Beer - 5.0% ABV, Bitters. Lime Wedge.
Basil Lime Fizz$13
Damn Hippy Soda!
Vodka, Lime Juice, Basil Syrup, Club Soda, Lime Wedge.
Mai Tai$15
For Those Wearing Grass Skirts at Luau's.
Snowshoe White Rum, Orange Curacao, Lime Juice, Pineapple Juice, Orgeat, Snowshoe Aged Rum Floater, Research Series Cherry.
Goombay Smash$15
Tropical Party in a Pint.
Snowshoe White Rum, Coconut Vodka, Snowshoe Aged Rum 100 proof, Apricot Brandy, House Smash Mix, Orange Slice.


Grapefruit Spiked Seltzer$6
This Refreshingly Cirtusy Seltzer is Perfect After Crushing the Trails 5.0% ABV.
Cherry Lime Tequila Spiked Seltzer$8
Made from our VTQuila Blanco! Refreshing Crisp and Light 5.0% ABV.


Von Trapp Brewery$6
Helles Lager 12 oz.
Stowe, VT 4.9% ABV This is the ultimate Traditional German Lager.
Unfiltered Ale 16 oz.
Burlington, VT - 5.0% The perfect lightly hoppy ale legends are made of.
Collaborative Brewing$7
Pale Out Money 12 oz.
Waitsfield, VT - 5.6% ABV Very Drinkable beautiful balance of malt and tropical/fruity hops.
Lawson’s Finest Liquids$6
Scrag Mountain Pilsner 12 oz.
Waitsfield, VT 4.8% ABV Seriously Smooth, Seriously Drinkable Czech Style Pilsner.
Collaborative Brewing$9
Orange is the New Bock 16 oz.
Waitsfield, VT 6.9% German Style Maibok Brewed with Oranges.
Whetstone Station$8
Off the Rails Vermont IPA 16 oz.
Brattleboro, VT 5.0% ABV Ryed IPA features generous dry-hopping, capturing all of the spirit of a well balanced IPA.
Fiddlehead Brewing$8
IPA 16 oz.
Shelburne, VT 6.2% ABV One of the OG's of the Vermont IPA Style, Hoppy yet Complex, with lot's of Citrus.
Rutland Beerworks$8
Superstar IPA 16 oz.
Rutland, VT 6.0 % ABV - American Style IPA, Crisp and Hoppy with Plenty of Citrus Notes.
Upper Pass Beer$10
Cloud Drop 16 oz.
Stowe, VT 8.0% ABV This is an OG for the Vermont Style Hazy DIPAs. When this Dropped....Everything Changed!.
Four Quarters Brewing$8
Phaze IPA 16 oz.
Winooski, VT 6.5% ABV Super Delicious Vermont IPA with Hops, Citrus, and Floral Notes Frost Beer Works - Research Series DIP.
Frost Beer Works$9
Research Series DIPA 16 oz.
Hinesburg, VT 8.0% ABV Frost is Pioneer in the Super Hazy and Milkshake Style DIPAs.
Ten Bends Brewing$10
Northern Heights 16 oz.
Hyde Park, VT 8.0% ABV DIPA This is Howie's favorite Vermont Style DIPA right now.
Good Measure Brewing$8
Pitter Patter Porter.
Northfield, VT 6.4% ABV Full Bodied, Easy Drinking, American Style Porter.
Lost Nation Brewing$7
Rustic Ale 16 oz.
TMorrisville, VT 5.8% A Lightly Hoppy Red Ale with Notes of Caramel and Malt.
14th Star Brewing$8
Maple Breakfast Stout 16 oz.
St Albans, VT 6.5% ABV An Oatmeal Stout Brewed with Local Maple Syrup and Cold Brew Coffee.
Bent Hill Brewery$11
Hand Warmer 16 oz.
Braintree, VT 10% ABV Maple Imperial Stout with notes of Malt and Caramel.
Liambru Tasty$9
The Incredible Lawrence 16 oz.
Proctor, VT 4.2% ABV A Refreshingly Light Strawberry Kettle Soured Ale.
Four Quarters Brewing$9
Every Lovely Thing 16 oz.
Winooski, VT 4.4% ABV Kettled Soured Ale Heaping with Tart Cherries and Apricots.
Green Empire Brewing$10
Run Club 16 oz.Colchester, VT 6.0% ABV This Highly Drinkable Kettle Sour is Chock Full of Mango and Passion Fruit.
Rescue Club IPA from Zero Gravity Beer<0.5% ABV 12 oz.
12 oz Killington Wine Festival Featured Product Proceeds Go to Charity.
Vergennes, VT 4.5% Made from Grapes by the folks from Shacksbury Cider, it is Light, Refreshing, and Lightly Bubbly.
Citizen Cider$8
Unified Press 16 oz.
Burlington, VT - 5.2% ABV - The Perfect Semi-Sweet/Semi-Dry Cider.
Champlain Orchards$7
Larrabee 12 oz.
Made with Local Apples and Honey. Lightly sweet, with floral notes and an apple-forward finish.
Shacksbury Cider$8
Dry 12oz.
Shacksbury, VT - 5.5% ABV - This delicious Cider is light, dry and crisp like Champagne.
Eden Specialty Ciders$9
Peak Bloom 12 oz.
Newport, VT 6.2% ABV Off-dry, Clean, Refreshing Cider from the Northeast Kingdom

From Farm to Table

Pair your cocktail with our delectable food offerings made from sustainably sourced ingredients right from local farms around Killington. Sit back, sip on your cocktail and dig into a delicious meal in the lap of nature.

You made it, only one more day until the weekend!

Live Music This Weekend:
Friday: @kingarthurjr88 6pm - 9pm
Saturday: Breanne Elaine 6pm - 9pm

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Woodland Gin:
Is pot distilled with 10 botanicals including blue spruce tips and local honey. It presents a unique aroma of spruce and citrus. Nicely balanced, Woodland Gin offers the palate refreshing notes of spruce tips, citrus, and juniper. ABV 45%

Key differences:
Sweeter and less earthy than the London Dry.
More complex than the Summer Gin.

Cocktails of Choice:
Woodland Gin Fizz - Seen in this picture. Contact us for the recipe.
Gin & Tonic - a classic

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This weekend lineup....
après by the @solostove!

Friday 4/8:
5pm - 8pm Breanna Elaine

Saturday 4/9:
5pm - 8pm @kingarthurjr88
RESCHEDULED to 4/16 due to weather: Fire Juggling Show

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It is that time of the year, we are shifting to spring hours this Sunday, April 3!

This week hours remain the same:
Wed + Thur: 3pm - 9pm
Fri + Sat: 1pm - 10pm

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✅ Spring Skiing
✅ Aprés on a patio
✅ @solostove firepits on from open to close!

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Every season is a VTQuila season

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4241 Blended Whiskey is always packed for the adventure.

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